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  • Audio amplifier

  • 3-channel audio amplifier. Mains-powered and with digital volume control. Includes a 3D printed enclosure matching the Teensy DSP/DAC, OLED display and rotary click-encoder control

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That's a relief!


So I reinstalled the 12V MeanWell PSU, wired everything back up minus the volume control boards, and now everything seems to be back in working condition. So that’s a huge relief! Photograph showing the amplifier in more-or-less assembled state with some of the parts dangling out

I think my next step is to order a couple of PT2258’s and try to breadboard controlling the volume of the line-level signal. Once I have that working I’ll decide whether to build a carrier-board with built-in volume control or a dedicated volume control board.

Meanwhile, I’ll print a slightly enlarged and re-arranged version of the enclosure bottom and matching top so I can at least get rid of the mains voltage poking out.