Jeroen's Project Journals

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A 4-channel USB DAC built around a pair of TI PCM5102A's with advanced DSP capabilities provided by a Teensy 4.0. Includes a 3D printed enclosure, OLED display and rotary click-encoder control

Audio amplifier
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3-channel audio amplifier. Mains-powered and with digital volume control. Includes a 3D printed enclosure matching the Teensy DSP/DAC, OLED display and rotary click-encoder control

Concrete subwoofer
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Remix of a subwoofer design by Youtuber Hexibase. This version is printed hollow and filled with concrete

LED Spots
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GU4 compatible spots using WS2812B addressable RGB LED's on a custom PCB, 3D printed housing and a WiFi connected controller running WLED

Gridfinity Creator
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Online generator of Gridfinity components such as divider bins of any size with arbitrary internal compartments, light bins and base-plates. Generates STL files.

A WiFi-enabled temperature controller for my Kamado BBQ

This site! See the about page to read what it's for.

A WiFi-enabled wal-wart sensor that measures temperature and humidity and reports the values over MQTT

Using an old GoPro clone and one of the lenses of my DSLR photocamera I created a surprisingly capable microscope for small SMD work.

Weather station
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Largely 3D printed battery/solar powered weather station with temperature, humidity, wind and rain measurements

Python script that takes a layout from the Keyboard Layout Editor and generates a KiCad project with partly routed PCB design

MQTT Powermeter
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A WiFi-enabled powermeter that reports the power, voltage and current over MQTT