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  • A 4-channel USB DAC built around a pair of TI PCM5102A's with advanced DSP capabilities provided by a Teensy 4.0. Includes a 3D printed enclosure, OLED display and rotary click-encoder control

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While both the processor on the Teensy and the external DAC chips are 32-bit capable, I belatedly discovered the Teensy Audio Library is entirely 16-bit. This is quite unfortunate, as this has implications for the final sound quality.




Even before I started building the concrete subwoofer, I realized I didn’t have the audio gear to properly hook it up. For my PC I have a SMSL Q5 Pro DAC/Amplifier, which does have a subwoofer line-out but does not handle cross-over or any other kind of DSP. So I decided to do what every self-respecting maker would: build it myself. The result is this 4-channel USB DAC with DSP capabilities.