Jeroen's Project Journals

PCB assembly progress


So the PCB’s have arrived and I’ve started assembly of the first one. Here’s the progress after an hour or so of soldering: The fabricated heatermeter board with part of the components assembled

Please ignore my soldering skills! It may not look pretty, but it does work. The wire with the black pad coming from the XIAO board is the self-adhesive antenna. This greatly increases the range of the XIAO wifi connection.

As per usual, I immediately found a few mistakes in the design. Most prominently, I completely forgot to break out the blower-fan feedback signal. This is due to me misreading the original heatermeter schematic. I also don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to combine the blower and servo signals in a single 4-pin connector, since both servo’s and fans have de-facto standard connectors which I should have used. Also, since factory-assembly of through-hole components is much more expensive than SMD it is better to use SMD electrolytic capacitors. So I quickly renamed the original design v0.9, and have already started incorporating these changes.

The current state of assembly is enough to start working on the software. I can attach a thermocouple, fan and servo and get at least a rudimentary application up and running.